['uniqueName'] = {
    location = vec3(758.86, -719.73, 28.15),
    label = 'Grove Street Storage',
    types = {
      {type = 'small', rentPrice = 1500, buyPrice = 50000},
      {type = 'medium', rentPrice = 5000, buyPrice = 50000},

uniqueName = this value can be any word combined with numbers (city1, legionStorage) but has to be unique!

types will define which storage types are available at the location. These types have to be defined under Config.UnitSettings as well


Config.UnitSettings = {
  ['small'] = {
    type = 'small',
    size = 5000,
    label = 'small storage unit',
    image = 'https://dough.land/u/Bb7I6zISP5.png'

  ['medium'] = {
    type = 'medium',
    size = 10000,
    label = 'medium storage unit',
    image = 'https://dough.land/u/SEoD6q00o7.png'

  ['large'] = {
    type = 'large',
    size = 20000,
    label = 'large storage unit',
    image = 'https://dough.land/u/iSVP5tTLD2.png'

Feel free to add more types (small / medium / large) following the same format

Size is only used in inventories that support a max weight

Untested, but in inventories that limit by slots you should be able to set this to slots instead


This area of the guide will be improved over time. This resource has been developed using a single inventory but should be usable with all inventories with minor modifications.

Change contents to fit your inventory needs! This was developed using Chezza's Inventory but should work with any inventory without any issues.

-- Available data

data.id --storage unit unique identifier (from database)

details.identifier  --same as above
details.owner       --playerowner identifier
details.location    --storage unit location (from shared/config.lua)
details.type        --storage unit type (from shared/config.lua)
details.isrented    --true / false
details.price       --price that unit was either bought at / rented for

Config.Locations[details.location].label --gets label for storage facility
Config.Locations[details.location].location --gets location for storage facility

Config.UnitSettings[details.type].size --gets unit max weight / slots
Config.UnitSettings[details.type].label --gets units specific label

Use Config.UnitSettings[details.type].size and set it to a slot limit in the config for inventories that use slots instead of weight

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