💻Using the in-game menu

  • When you first access the menu in-game your vehicles tab will be empty. Simply go into the store tab and select a category from the dropdown, and press Buy Vehicle!

  • The vehicles that are owned by the dealership are all available under the vehicles tab. Here you can sell the vehicle to the closest player, or put it on showcase (using any of the numbers)

  • If you are the boss of the dealership you will see the option settings In here you can both update prices, and change the label for a vehicle your dealership owns!

  • The refresh button will simply refresh the vehicles out on showcase! Vehicles that are spawned onto the showcase are only spawned for the people currently on the server, so it might be a good idea to refresh them from time to time if there is a lot of people joining / leaving to showcase them for everyone!

  • Do keep in mind that adding more showcase spots will not only make the Ui cluttered, but can also cause performance issues for clients passing by the dealership

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