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About this script


This is my first PAID release on the forums, and a project I have spent countless hours on reworking and trying to perfect it. It’s gone over a few “remakes” before now finally reacing a state where I feel comfortable enough to release it to the public. Its been tested and used for a while but of course issues may still arise, so please report any issues or improvements and I will make sure to fix them.
Player ran dealerships! Add as many dealerships you want, with option to showcase vehicles and have limited amount of vehicles being purchasable.
As stated below, this is made for ESX first and foremost. However I have made it functional on QBCore running the very basics.


ESX (version shouldn’t matter)
ESX Society + Job setup
esx_vehicleshop is required
QBCore is for most parts untested and not highly supported! This script is natively made for ESX and ported to QBCore
QBCore (oxmysql)
For business functionality in QBCore you will have to edit the server/main.lua and setup it up to fully work with QBCore (Currently it will use the players bank money)
Do not change the name of the resource if you do not know how to edit the rest of the files