For blips that should change on job switch, for instance the regular job-center jobs use the below

TriggerEvent('doughJobmanager:client:registerBlip', {
    unique = JOBNAME, -- for the automatic switch, this has to be the jobname
    label = LABEL, -- this can be anything, label for the UI
    job = true, -- if this is a job, true.. else remove line or false
    state = false, -- enable the blip by default? leave false for these jobs
    blipData = {
        coords = BLIPCOORDS, -- coords for the specific blip (v.blipCoords..)
        sprite = BLIPSPRITE, -- sprite for the specific blip (v.blipSprite..)
        scale = 0.65, -- scale for the specific blip (v.blipScale..)
        colour = BLIPCOLOUR, -- colour for the specific blip (v.blipColour..)
        blipLabel = BLIPLABEL -- label for the specific blip (v.blipLabel..)

All data inside blipData should be unique to each blip you want to register for the job

This is only a example of how to use the event!

    for k,v in pairs(Jobs) do 
        for i=1, #v.location, 1 do  
            TriggerEvent('doughJobmanager:client:registerBlip', {
                unique = v.jobName,
                label = k,
                job = true,
                state = false,
                blipData = {
                    coords = v.location[i].coords,
                    sprite = v.location[i].blip.sprite,
                    scale = 0.65,
                    colour = v.location[i].blip.color,
                    blipLabel = v.location[i].blip.blipName

For all "regular" blips that should be availble to everyone, all the time:

TriggerEvent('doughJobmanager:client:registerBlip', {
    unique = 'garages', -- unique name for all blips in this "category"
    label = 'Garage Blips', -- label for the UI
    single = false, -- is there only 1 blip with this unique?
    state = false, -- enable the blip by default?
    blipData = {
        coords = v.coords,
        sprite = Config.Blip[v.Type].sprite,
        scale = 0.65,
        colour = Config.Blip[v.Type].colour,
        blipLabel = 'Garage Blips'

This script comes with no triggers to open the menus. You will need to trigger them yourself



Inside of client/public.lua there are various other edits you can make to fit your specific needs. Change how notifications work, add jobcenters, and there are premade commands and examples on how to use the functions

By default the blipmanager is accessed by a command blipmanager. To disable this comment out client/public.lua 75:77

All the in-UI notifications are permanent and CANNOT be edited.

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